• Federal climate change adaptation and mitigation law. (Ley general de cambio climático) (2012)
  • General Law for Environmental Equilibrium and Protection (Ley General del Equilibrio Ecologico y la Proteccion al Ambiente, LGEEPA), (1988)
  • General Law for Sustainable Forest Development (Ley General de Desarrollo Forestal Sustentable, LGDFS.
  • The Law for Sustainable Rural Development (Ley de Desarrollo Rural Sustentable, LDRS).
  • Agrarian Law (Ley Agraria) - regulates land ownership and user rights.
  • Mexico´s vision on REDD+: towards a National Strategy,
  • R-PP reddiness proposal,
  • National development plan 2007-2012,
  • National REDD strategy: Version 1.0 in construction; (ENAREDD)
  • Special Climate Change program (2009-2012),
  • National Climate Change Strategy,
  • Climate Change Strategy for Protected Areas.  (

National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) (forestry and REDD)

Ministry for Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) (Climate Change)

Ministry for Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (SAGARPA) (REDD, agreement with SEMARNAT to combat climate change)

National Ecology Institute (INE) (Climate Change and REDD research institute)

National Natural Protected Areas Commission (CONANP)

National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Populations (CDI)

National Inter-institutional Climate Change Commission (CICC) and its REDD working group (GT REDD+)

National REDD+ Technical Advisory Committee (CTC REDD+)

National Treasury (Secretaría de Hacienda)



National Population
112.34 Million[4]
Urban vs. Rural Population
Ethnic Groups


National GDP
MXN 9.85 Million[9]
Annual Per Capita Income
MXN 15[10]
GDP Breakdown
Human Development Index
Main Exports
petroleum, agriculture, extractives and manufactures[13]


Total Land Area
1.96 Million km²[14]
Percent of Country that is Forested
Deforestation Trend
Financed REDD+ Projects in GCF States
Annual Deforestation Rate

GCF Member States/Provinces

Carbon Accounting Status
Deforestation Trend
Current REDD+ Program Progress
State Climate Action Plan --
Climate Change or Ecosystem Service Laws --
Ecological Zoning --
Early REDD+ Actions Under Development
Deforestation Rates
Carbon Accounting Status
Deforestation Trend
Current REDD+ Program Progress
State Climate Action Plan Developed
Climate Change or Ecosystem Service Laws Under Implementation
Ecological Zoning Developed
Early REDD+ Actions Under Implementation
Deforestation Rates