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Global GCF States/Provinces
Tropical Forests 14.3M km² 4.52M km² 32% of Global Total
Tropical Forest
Carbon Stocks
159B Metric Tons of C 53.8B Metric Tons of C 34% of Global Total
Sources: [1] [2]

The GCF Knowledge Database provides an open, web-based source of information from individual GCF member states and provinces on current status and trends regarding land use and deforestation; forest carbon accounting efforts and methodologies; REDD implementation activities; and REDD related financial flows. The database will be updated on a regular basis as new information becomes available, and seeks to be fully transparent with respect to all sources of information.

GCF States & Provinces

Non-Tropical States/ProvincesTropical States/ProvincesTropical Forest Area% of Worldwide Tropical Forest Area Amapá115,000 km²0.6 % Amazonas1,401,000 km²7.6 % Pará1,026,000 km²5.6 % Tocantins88,000 km²0.5 % Mato Grosso500,000 km²2.7 % Acre153,000 km²0.8 % Aceh26,000 km²0.1 % West Kalimantan72,000 km²0.4 % East Kalimantan74,000 km²0.4 % Central Kalimantan105,000 km²0.6 % West Papua59,000 km²0.3 % Papua220,000 km²1.2 % Quintana Roo40,000 km²0.2 % Campeche46,000 km²0.2 % Jalisco42,000 km²0.2 %Tabasco7,000 km²0.04 % Chiapas41,000 km²0.2 % Amazonas29,000 km²0.2 %Loreto345,000 km²1.9 %San Martín42,000 km²0.2 %Ucayali99,000 km²0.5 % Madre de Dios79,000 km²0.4 % Cross River State10,000 km²0.1 % CaliforniaIllinoisCatalonia, Spain
Non-Tropical States/ProvincesTropical States/ProvincesTons of Carbon% of Total Tropical Carbon Amapá1.6 Billion0.7 % Amazonas22.5 Billion9.9 % Pará13.7 Billion6.0 % Tocantins0.9 Billion0.4 % Mato Grosso5.8 Billion2.5 % Acre2.1 Billion0.9 % Aceh0.6 Billion0.3 % West Kalimantan1.6 Billion0.7 % East Kalimantan2.4 Billion1.0 % Central Kalimantan1.6 Billion0.7 % West Papua---- % Papua3.9 Billion1.7 % Quintana Roo0.3 Billion0.1 % Campeche0.4 Billion0.2 % Jalisco---- %Tabasco0.1 Billion0.0 % Chiapas0.5 Billion0.2 % Amazonas0.5 Billion0.2 %Loreto5.7 Billion2.5 %San Martín0.6 Billion0.3 %Ucayali1.5 Billion0.7 % Madre de Dios1.2 Billion0.5 % Cross River State0.1 Billion0.1 % CaliforniaIllinoisCatalonia, Spain


1. ESA GlobCover 2009 Project
2. Baccini, A. et al. 2012. Estimated carbon dioxide emissions from tropical deforestation improved by carbon-density maps. Nature Climate Change 2:182-185; doi:10.1038/nclimate1354